A sight to make a Russian Player Happy

Monday, 15 April 2013

Another week, another post

Well I have been quite lazy on the painting side, just the one base finised, but lots of base colours painted on others so there should be at least two stands posted this time next week*

My Camp.... what ever shall I put inside it :)
Also had a game of Big Boy Impetvs finally, we managed to get heaps of it wrong, but I always find the best way to learn a new ruleset is to read the rules, play a game then read the rules again. But that is just me.
Till next week
* This may or may not be true

Monday, 8 April 2013

Its ALIVE !!!

Well after being away for... well f-ing ages really I have decided to get this thing back on track.

So after all this time what have I been playing.....

Malifaux, Fow and picked up Infinity, Saga and Impetus.

Below is the start of my Southcon Army,

I will expand this out to 400 points after Queen's Birthday weekend.

I have decided to start painting the Ashigaru first since they are uniformed troops they are quick to paint.

The Samurai... well they could be more of a problem for me.

All figures are Perry Miniatures... so very nice.

Pictures are average at best, but I hope you get the idea.
Late Samurai from Extra Impetvs 5.

Average Command Structure 12
Fair General 20
Mounted Samurai CP 38
Mounted Samurai CP 38
Samurai on Foot FP 26
Samurai on Foot FP 26
Ashigaru FL 24
Ashigaru FL 24
Teppo Harquebus A, Paveses T 24
Teppo Harquebus A, Paveses T 24
Teppo Harquebus A, Paveses T 24
Ashigaru Archers S 16