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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lazy oh so Lazy

One post and then nothing, I wonder how many Blogs go like that?

Painting for me is an odd thing if I'm in the mood I can paint for hours and when I'm not, like now I cant even be bothered to paint for 10 mins. I wish I could bottle what gives me the inspiration though sometimes its a book other times its seeing a fun game or going to a tourney.

Speaking of tourneys over Queens Birthday weekend I headed back to Dunedin to partake in Southcon's Malifaux competition only four players rolled up but I had a fun 3 games on the Sunday, was good to see some of the gamers down there. The most disappointing thing was the quality of the armies in the GW comps though, so many unpainted figures and I'm not sure why as there has always been a painting requirement (maybe they dropped it).

I have decided to re base my Lasalle British army and have found a great basing material "Extra Course Pumice Gel" it cost $28NZD once the camera is online I will post some pics.

Well that's all for  tonight's rant, I will try and be a bit better with my postings and try for one or two a week depending on the thoughts floating around in my head.

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