A sight to make a Russian Player Happy

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Oh look something shiney

Well my war game magpie-itis has struck again, with Call to Arms less than a month away and with me needed to paint 4 battalions of foot and my Hussars to finish my Russian army I have loss the motivation to finish it.


While having a small clean out of my hobby stuff I spotted some FOW british paras and have been painting them up, once I get a hold of some of the new FOW rubble bases I will get some pics up as I feel they are the best FOW figures I have painted.

BUT  :)

While digging deeper into the piles of toy crap I spotted an infinity figure
( http://www.infinitythegame.com/ )  that I have had for ages and decided to paint that as well. I have now decided to get a starter box of them and get a game or two in, from what I have read online this looks like it will be a very very good game, and of course the figures are GREAT

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